Top 5 Interior Decorating Tips For Winter

As we head into the cooler winter months, most of us will be spending more time inside our homes, which makes winter a great time to re-decorate. We’ve compiled some winter interior decorating tips to help make your home more comfortable and appealing this winter.


There’s nothing like a nice bright colour to lift your mood in winter. Set off your neutral shades with woollen throw rugs, and colourful cushions and wall hangings. The calming effect of green, symbolising nature, makes it a popular decorating colour while purple can give your room an air of sophistication. Blue, particularly the deep ocean variety, is undergoing a resurgence in popularity among interior designers and bright blues are the perfect complement to a white or wooden colour scheme. Yellows, oranges and reds are considered warm colours and can help to lift a bleak winter’s day. Patterns and a mixture of colours can help to add a bit of fun to your room.


Natural light is essential to our sense of wellbeing. Try to maximise the most of the winter daylight by keeping obstructions away from your windows and keep your window sills free from ornaments. Daytime coverings should be sheer to allow natural light through. Wooden shutters are great for winter nights because they help to retain heat and insulate against the cold. Curtains help to keep your home warm in winter but they can also set the tone for a room. Depending on which room you’re decorating, and your personal taste, why not experiment with a quirky pattern in the kitchen or bathroom or your favourite block colour in your living room.


We tend to sleep in a bit longer in winter so why not make your bedroom your sanctuary? Add a few luxury items and creature comforts like a soft throw rug, aromatherapy diffusers and highquality bed linen.  Create ambiance by adding lamps to your room that offer soft lighting and refrain from using your downlights. Move your bed to the middle of the space to make your room feel cosier. Stay warm with flannel sheets, an electric blanket and a high-quality goose-down duvet. These are investments you won’t regret. Switch your duvet set or bedspread for winter. Floral patterns are in fashion right now but if that’s not for you, patterns that reflect your childhood can add a sense of nostalgia to your room. Alternatively, choose a neutral shade and dress it up with a colourful throw and pillows.


Dining and living rooms can be a great meeting place on a cold winter’s day. Make your dining room chairs more inviting by adding slip covers. In the living room, a sheepskin rug and soft blankets can enhance the visual appeal of your room and will help to keep you and your guests warm. Since you can’t be outside as often, bring nature inside. Fresh winter flowers including roses, tulips and lilies can lift a room. Incorporate natural elements such as pine cones, smooth pebbles and stones or wooden logs, which integrate beautifully in most living rooms. Warm metallics such as bronze and copper, faux fur or cow hide rugs, and leather are all on trend for winter decorating. A delightful winter smell such as cinnamon, pine or orange can help to lift your spirits when you walk into your living rooms. Small lamps in the corners of your living room can help to add ambiance by providing a soft, warm glow.


While your wooden, stone or tile floors help to keep you cool in summer, in winter there’s nothing worse than jumping out of a warm bed onto a cold floor. Invest in a fluffy rug for beside your bed and runners for your passageways. You can make existing rugs cosier and more visually appealing by layering a thinner, smaller rug on top. Rugs with irregular patterns are currently in vogue. If your guests generally remove their shoes before coming into your home, why not leave guest slippers at your doorstep for them to use? They’re sure to be delighted. As with curtains, having good floor coverings helps to keep your rooms warm and your energy bills down


Winter is a wonderful time of year to spend time indoors catching up with friends or family over a nice cuppa. We hope that these tips will help to inspire you to add some extra comforts and highlights to your home. If you’re selling property in winter, some of these tips can also help to make your home more welcoming for prospective buyers. When selling your property, it should be warm and inviting but try to keep your interior decorating style minimalist and neutral.

It’s important for people to be able to visualise what they might do with a room if they were to purchase your home. Your Harcourts sales consultant can give you advice on how to best achieve this balance.