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Local Harcourts Magazine – Living in The Shires – Unites Community

Proud recipient of the Moreton electorate’s Australia Day Award 2016 –  Principal and Director David Gowdie of Harcourts Graceville was recognised for his services to the community as the creator of a local magazine called Living in The Shires.

This magazine is hand-delivered by his sales agents to 12,000 homes and businesses in an area covering six suburbs of Brisbane, Australia – Tennyson, Chelmer, Graceville, Sherwood, Corinda and Oxley.

This magazine is David’s brainchild. The primary motivation of was to have a magazine that specifically catered for his community. It is not a newspaper in the traditional journalistic style, but more of a storytelling vehicle – ‘creative non-fiction’, if you like. It tells stories about local businesses, community events, some of the area’s incredible residents, and its history.

A deliberately small back section of the magazine is devoted to Harcourts Graceville, a break from the content marketing and storytelling . Even though David includes some advertising for his Harcourts business in the magazine, this is kept to a minimum.David_Gowdie.jpg

Living in The Shires is a big investment for David. In terms of marketing opportunity costs, it is a ‘slow burn’, but increasingly the magazine is being associated with the Harcourts Graceville brand in a positive, feel-good, way. The beauty of this publication is that it has become the ‘glue’ for a community, engendering much pride in the area. And it gives the sales agents a fabulous entrée when engaging with local people – there is always something to talk about. The feedback to Harcourts Graceville is that the magazine gets read cover to cover, and its delivery is eagerly anticipated. It truly is a marketer’s dream.

The magazine has been so enthusiastically welcomed that print copies of back issues are now fast becoming collector’s items. The State Library of Queensland, at its request, now holds two print copies of each back issue. Electronic editions can be found on the dedicated Living in The Shires website, as well.

Susan Prior, a professional writer and editor, project manages the publication, which is printed on a quality recycled paper stock using environmentally friendly soy inks. David also uses professional graphic designers. Living in The Shires is rapidly becoming known for its very different and eye-catching cover art – a deliberate ploy to ensure it doesn’t get thrown in the bin.

David’s initiative with Living in The Shires reflects his oft-cited observation that ‘givers gain’. His staff and everyone associated with the publication are incredibly proud of it and David’s success.

For more on Living in The Shires visit the website www.livingintheshires.com.au or Facebook page www.facebook.com/livingintheshires

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Is Your Online Marketing Presence In-line or Out Of Line?

The vast majority of today’s consumers go online to research goods, products and services prior to taking the next step forward.   Why wouldn’t a potential seller do the same to shortlist real estate sales consultants before they invite you into their home?

Our industry is unique because you are the product that delivers the service! The quality of your services and skills can make a big difference to the level of a success achieved in a property sale worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You may know you’re the best qualified real estate professional in your area, but do potential sellers?

If I went online and Googled you today, what would I find?

  • Do you show up on the top half of page one?
  • Do you have a website and clear online presence, like the majority of businesses trying to attract customers?
  • Can the client clearly see that you are the local real estate expert that knows and works in their area?
  • Are all of your marketing pieces of high quality and do they direct clients to your website for additional information, local statistics, property details and testimonials for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?
Gregg Toyama  | Head of eBusiness - Harcourts International Gregg Toyama
Head of eBusiness – Harcourts International

If you can answer yes to these initial questions, congratulations! You’re INLINE. Meaning you have successfully coupled your offline and online presence, which equals an INLINE marketing strategy.

If on the other hand you have answered no, then I would suggest you’re out of line and you should make it a priority to review and make some changes to balance your online marketing presence.

Offline + Online = INLINE.  It’s the difference that can make a difference!


Email Chris Booth  if you’re interested in exploring franchise opportunities with Harcourts!

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