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Stain your deck

9 Inexpensive Ideas to Boost Your Property’s Appeal

With the property market expected to pick up in spring, now is the ideal time to get your property sparkling for your future open home!

1. Steam clean

If you’re contemplating re-carpeting your home, consider giving it a serious steam clean to freshen up the colour first. If you’re time poor, you can hire a professional to do this for you. However if you’re trying to save money, you can easily hire a steam cleaner and do the work yourself.

2. Tidy up

No one likes to see a messy or over grown garden, it’s simply not appealing. Take some time to trim branches, rake leaves and plant some beautiful spring flowers.

3. Fresh coat

If you haven’t repainted your walls in a while, the warm spring time weather is great for getting painting projects completed. You may want to consider repainting any brightly coloured feature walls in a neutral colour to make the room appear larger.

4. First impressions

If your front door is looking a bit drab, give it a new coat of paint too!
It’s the first thing people will see when they enter your property, so make sure it looks polished.

5. Minor makeover

A complete kitchen makeover will definitely add to the value of your property, although it will lower your bank balance temporarily! Make some minor improvements such as changing all of the handles on drawers and cupboards to something more modern and clean looking.

6. Pressure clean

Concrete on driveways or foot paths around the home can look really tired and dirty after a few years. Make it look brand new by using a pressure cleaner to wash away years of built up dirt.

7. Clean windows

Wash down your windows with soapy water to get rid of built up dust and cobwebs. It will allow more natural light in as well as giving off the appearance of a well maintained home.

8. Upgrade lights

If you haven’t replaced your lighting fixtures in the last decade; it might be time to replace them with something new. Head to your local lighting store and purchase some lighting fixtures that are more modern and elegant to boost the appeal of your home.

9. Re-finish

Re-finishing your outdoor deck every few years will help minimise annoying cracks and splinters, as well as keeping it looking good.
While you are sanding, stripping back, and re-staining the deck, consider re-staining your stairs and some of your wooden furniture too. You could choose a completely different furniture stain colour for a new and updated look!

DIY tips for upcycling around the home

Upcycling in the Home

With sunny spring just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to clean up and redecorate around the home. Why not embrace both of these tasks at once by ‘upcycling’? The term refers to the transformation of discarded or useless items, into something new and useful. Here are a few ideas to get you started on your DIY project!


Wooden shipping pallets have been around for decades and can easily be found at commercial warehouses. With a bit of sanding and a coat of paint, these pallets can be converted into funky outdoor lounges, day beds, gardens and tables. You only need six pallets and a pile of large cushions to make a great outdoor lounge for soaking up the spring sunshine!

Bar Stools

No use for those old bar stools anymore? It may seem like a really simple idea, but bar stools actually make a great desk. You can sand the bar stools back and re-stain them to match the wooden panel top, or create a piece of feature furniture by priming and painting them in a bright spring time colour! If you’re not too handy with a saw, your local hardware store will cut a few panels of wood for you to screw to the top of the bar stools.

Filing Cabinets

Not sure what to do with those old filing cabinets?
Turn them into a set of trendy bedside tables and update the look of your bedroom at the same time!
There are a couple of ways to give your old filing cabinet an arty and updated look – the first option involves spray paint and a fancy stencil. Spray paint the cabinet in a new colour and once it’s dry, use a stencil and spray paint to create a stylish pattern. The other option involves heading to your nearest fabric store and picking out a vibrant and eye catching material to glue to the front of the drawers, as well as spray painting the outside of the cabinet in a complementary colour.

Harcourts Indonesia Strengthens Market Position

International real estate group, Harcourts has reported strong growth and a strengthening culture within its Indonesian operations.

Tina Sander, Head of International for Harcourts, says that 2012 was Harcourts Indonesia’s best producing year since the group expanded to the country.

Harcourts Indonesia recently held its annual awards ceremony which was attended by 180 real estate professionals and received representation from all 26 of the group’s offices.

“The Harcourts culture and recognition structure is as strong in Indonesia as it is in Australia, the USA or any of our other operating regions,” Miss Sander said.

At the annual awards ceremony, Tjhin Joeng Jen was named the group’s top agent, while Harcourts Kelapa Gading was named the top office within Indonesia.

Ms Sander is confident that Harcourts Indonesia will continue to grow as the country’s property market continues to boom.

“There are a lot of buyers in the market at the moment. Interest rates are at an all-time low while property prices are soaring to record highs,” Miss Sander said.

“With the demand for housing remaining strong and competition growing, prices are continuing to increase. Indonesia’s economy has experienced consistent growth since 2000 which is very positive for the real estate market,” said Nandar Gunawan, CEO of Harcourts Indonesia.

“Many people want to join the real estate industry in Indonesia due to the current market boom which is incredibly positive news for Harcourts and our growth plans for this year,” Miss Sander said.

“We are currently recruiting a new general manager to assist with the future growth and profitability of our business in Indonesia and overall, it is a very exciting time for our group.”

Harcourts Hong Kong Eyes Expansion

International real estate group, Harcourts is placing a strong focus on expanding its operations in Hong Kong and China, says Head of International, Tina Sander.

Miss Sander was recently in Hong Kong where the group held its first Recruitment and Press Conference.

Over 250 people attended the event which provided the opportunity for some of the real estate industry’s leading professionals and the media to learn about Harcourts and the group’s expansion plans within Hong Kong and China.

Miss Sander presented at the conference, providing an update on Harcourts’ other international operations including the USA, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia and South Africa, as well as the goals and vision for Harcourts Hong Kong and Harcourts China.

William Wei, General Manager of Harcourts China, also spoke about the group’s recruitment plans throughout China as well as the existing franchise model and the advantages of this.

Joseph Ho, General Manager of Harcourts Hong Kong, presented information about the group’s independent agent structure which is a new concept for the Hong Kong Real Estate market. Our team is confident in launching this new model and is certain that it will create strong results for our agents on the ground in Hong Kong.

The conference also provided an opportunity to publically acknowledge the group’s four new franchises – Harcourts Fusion Property in Macau, Harcourts Harleyland Real Estate, Harcourts Fomento Predial Tai Yun, and Harcourts Great View Property Investment.

“The Harcourts Hong Kong and Harcourts China teams are really focused on up-sklling their independent agents and in turn growing our businesses within both of these countries.

“The momentum is really building for Harcourts International and we are set to kick start 2013 strongly said Miss Sander.

Harcourts Indonesia Post Strong Growth

International real estate firm, Harcourts has reported strong growth within its Indonesian operations, says the group’s Head of International, Tina Sander.

Tina Sander with the Harcourts Indonesia team

Miss Sander recently spent a week in Jakarta, working closely with the Harcourts Indonesia corporate team, and says that the group is starting to show strong signs of growth.

During her trip, Miss Sander developed business plans with members of the Harcourts Indonesia corporate team and visited four of the group’s new sales offices.

“During my recent visit, we conducted a business owner meeting where we discussed what parts of the Harcourts tools and systems are working and what needs editing and enhancing.

“We’re constantly focused on our team, ensuring they are provided with the best possible resources to facilitate growth within their businesses,” Miss Sander said.

Miss Sander also spent time with business owner of Harcourts Bali, Handi, to develop a plan for cross selling and holiday letting for Harcourts.

“Handi is really taking advantage of the international network that he is part of. Being a member of the Harcourts group is opening up so many new opportunities for him,” Miss Sander said.

In the past few weeks, Harcourts Indonesia has signed on two new sales offices – a former Century 21 office with 20 years in the industry and a focus on new developments, and another in eastern Jakarta which will extend Harcourts’ trading area.

The group is also recruiting a general manager for its Indonesian operations to start during November.

“Things are going well for Harcourts Indonesia and the growth that they are displaying is incredibly encouraging. I’m confident that this momentum is going to continue well into the future,” Miss Sander said.