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10 Reasons Why You Will Love Harcourts Conference!

With Harcourts Conference season now in full swing, here are our top ten reasons why we think you will love attending this year!

1. It gets you out of your comfort zone.

Sure, it’s comfortable in your comfort zone, but comfortable doesn’t always help you to expand your experience, or expand your business. Stepping out of your comfort zone every once in a while will open yourself up to new experiences and new connections.

2Tues Keynote-10. You’ll learn a heap.

It might go without saying, but a huge part of Conference is the chance to learn new things. Everyone from first time delegates to industry vets have mentioned how much they’ve taken away from past Conferences.


3. You’ll meet like-minded people.

There’s something energising about being in a room with hundreds of people who are in or have been in your shoes. Conference gives you access to the greater Harcourts team from across the country, and you can learn from others who are on the same page as you.

Capture4. Plus, you’ll connect with industry thought leaders.

Don’t miss the opportunity to chat to our speakers and leadership team. They have a huge amount of industry knowledge and are great connections to add to your network.



5. You’ll reset.

Sometimes it just takes us a moment to get away from our daily routines to really take a step back and properly assess our business. By taking three days out of your week, once a year, you’re giving yourself the chance to hit that reset button and look at your business from another angle.

6. You’ll stay ahead of the curve.

By learning from a range of industry and thought leaders, Conference will help you stay ahead of the curve so you can be at the forefront of your business, not left struggling to keep up.

Welcome_Function_17137. That all important face-to-face contact.

Sure, these days there’s lots of industry information available at the click of a button, but don’t undervalue face-to-face contact. So many of our people cite the valuable conversations and interactions they have whilst at Conference as being one of the most useful parts of attending each year.




8. It adds value to your business.

If you run or manage an office, there’s so much benefit to sending your team to Conference. It’s a great way to boost morale, team-build, inspire creativity and reward your team, whilst helping to boost productivity.

9. It helps you to grow.

Conference is designed to help you reach the next level – whether that’s in your own business, or in your own career. Industry experts, keynote speakers and the senior leadership team at Harcourts deliver a program each year that will see you well equipped to grow at least one aspect of your career. If you were only to take away and implement even a couple of key learnings, you will be well placed for the year ahead.

10. You’ll have fun!

Launch_4457Whilst there are so many opportunities to network and learn at Conference there’s also a bunch of opportunities to have a lot of fun. From our themed networking functions, to our huge Annual Awards galas, our high energy performances, and entertaining speakers. You have the benefit of attending a career-boosting event and have fun at the same time!


Don’t regret missing out this year! To register or to find out more, click here: harcourtsevents.com.