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Business Planning: Setting your goals for 2015

Business Planning – Time to start on your 2015 goals!

Congratulations on making it through another year! Hopefully you have taken a much deserved break over the last couple of weeks.
Now that the first month of 2015 is well underway, it is important to reflect on the last 12 months, celebrate your successes and identify areas for improvement over the following year. Time to get started on business planning.

The foundation for a successful, long-term career in real estate is your business plan. It’s your road map, so to speak, in that it lends direction, and provides detail for where you want to be.

When setting your goals for the next 12 months, it’s a good idea to look at the SMART principle.

The SMART principle ensures your objectives are:
SPECIFIC – Make sure your goals are as specific and as accurate as possible.
MEASURABLE – Decide how you will measure your progress. For example, you may implement an accountability partner, spreadsheets, graphs, or other creative way to track how you are doing.
ACCOUNTABLE – Set goals that you can be held accountable to, with regular progress checks. Double that accountability by appointing a third party who can help you stay on track.
REALISTIC – Dream big and aim high! However, make sure your goals are realistic given your situation, personal capacity and other priorities.
TIME-BOUND – Give yourself deadlines by which to accomplish your goals; if long-term goals, consider setting immediate targets (weekly, monthly or quarterly) to help keep you on track. The regular intervals will help you to measure your progress.

Business planning is just the start…

Once you have your core information, create a business plan that allows you to view your business at a glance; make sure every key driver for success is apparent. Goals, targets and priorities and accountabilities are clear, as are the responsibilities and deadlines for achieving them.
Writing out your goals ensures you form clarity around your intentions. It also helps you to prioritise. Often, you will find that your priorities will shift as you realise what activities to prioritise to meet your goals.

From this business plan highlight your top three goals for the year they may be something like the following:

  1. To double last year’s sales by the end of the year
  2. To call twice as many people before 9am
  3. To hire an assistant by July 2015

Print these goals and place them somewhere you will see them each day as you start work. You may even chose to have them as your screensaver or wallpaper on your phone.

If the goals are well refined they will become a guide to your daily tasks and activities.
Deciding whether or not to undertake an activity can be quickly resolved by being relentlessly focused on your goals.

For example – if what you are doing does not directly attribute to any of the above three core goals, you should avoid it – or reprioritise it.

Make the first month of the New Year count, and get started on your 2015 business plan!

Harcourts team members have a number of templates and tools available for annual reviews


As you are working through your goals, make sure to keep your work/life balance in check!

Harcourts Hong Kong Eyes Expansion

International real estate group, Harcourts is placing a strong focus on expanding its operations in Hong Kong and China, says Head of International, Tina Sander.

Miss Sander was recently in Hong Kong where the group held its first Recruitment and Press Conference.

Over 250 people attended the event which provided the opportunity for some of the real estate industry’s leading professionals and the media to learn about Harcourts and the group’s expansion plans within Hong Kong and China.

Miss Sander presented at the conference, providing an update on Harcourts’ other international operations including the USA, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia and South Africa, as well as the goals and vision for Harcourts Hong Kong and Harcourts China.

William Wei, General Manager of Harcourts China, also spoke about the group’s recruitment plans throughout China as well as the existing franchise model and the advantages of this.

Joseph Ho, General Manager of Harcourts Hong Kong, presented information about the group’s independent agent structure which is a new concept for the Hong Kong Real Estate market. Our team is confident in launching this new model and is certain that it will create strong results for our agents on the ground in Hong Kong.

The conference also provided an opportunity to publically acknowledge the group’s four new franchises – Harcourts Fusion Property in Macau, Harcourts Harleyland Real Estate, Harcourts Fomento Predial Tai Yun, and Harcourts Great View Property Investment.

“The Harcourts Hong Kong and Harcourts China teams are really focused on up-sklling their independent agents and in turn growing our businesses within both of these countries.

“The momentum is really building for Harcourts International and we are set to kick start 2013 strongly said Miss Sander.