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Facebook Live For Real Estate

Understanding Live Streaming

With Facebook live being made available to every user in April, the world’s largest social network joined Twitter’s Periscope and gave users the ability to live stream from their phones.
Compared to the separate app and clunky (second app) functionality of Twitter, streaming your activities live on Facebook is a relatively seamless process. If you combine the ease of adoption with the much larger user base, and your connections – Facebook live becomes a compelling tool to communicate with your friends and followers.

Facebook Prioritising Video And Live Streaming

On top of the larger user base, Facebook’s algorithm (prioritisation) for displaying content to other users, favours live video over and above all other content. They even have a separate priority push notification that you will receive if a friend or brand you follow goes live.

Try out personal live streaming

From your home screen there is a simple live button that allows you to:

  1. Set up an enticing title, select your audience (Public, friends or a custom group you’ve created. If you launch the live stream from within a closed group it will also protect those privacy setting as well).
  2. Before clicking go live, select a spot where wind and background noise are at a minimum.
  3. Clicking the blue go live button commences a three second countdown that you can use to frame yourself or your subjects correctly and to start smiling.

facebook live example

Stream from your Facebook Business Page

By downloading the Facebook Pages Manager app it is also possible to stream as a page. you can access the functionality by selecting:

  1. The page you wish to manage.
  2. Select post.
  3. Select live.
  4. Set geo targeting and age targeting.
  5. Click go live, which again initiates a three second countdown.

As with all videos once uploaded they feature in your timeline and can be found by others. Remember to remove any videos that are only of relevance for a short time or that have promotions or details that expire.

What And Why Would I Live Stream?

Live stream by nature suits to reaching your audience immediately. Here are a few ways to leverage the medium.

Local event – As a real estate professional, customers expect you to be on the pulse of the neighbourhood. Streaming the bustling activity of a local fare or fundraising activity could be a great way to get more folks down and participating. Turn the camera to the scenery around you and let them soak in the action. Of course remember to value their time. Switch off when the action’s over.

Thought leadership – As a business owner or leading real estate professional you could leverage the channel to highlight your expertise. When legislation changes, interest rates move or something significant happens in the market, live streaming could be a great way to bring your followers up to speed.
For Mortgage Brokers this could be a quick fire way to alert customers when a rate change might affect their options of fixed or floating rates.

Being of service to your customers or followers should always be your first thought when sharing – even on livestream. Think would I find this interesting or useful? Another way to portray thought leadership and be of service to your client could simply be to bring a friend/colleague/expert into the conversation. For example, if there was a current forest fire risk in your neighbourhood, then bring on a fireman to advise clients on protecting their property.

Team Updates – As a business owner, an unconventional way to keep your team up to date might be live streaming. For example if a team member has just hit a sales milestone, popping them on live as you congratulate them would be a great way to recognise their commitment and efforts amongst their peers.

Ask me anything or behind the scenes – Two final uses for live streaming could be answering questions from followers or providing a peek into your craft . As a real estate professional I would sue these sparingly and only when something unique or extraordinary is happening in your career. For example if it is unusual for you to have an open home at a celebrity home or the property is very unique. For more tips check out Facebook’s own ideas.