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The Future Of Drone Technology

We talk to Jason Wills, Head of Technology at Harcourts International about the future of drones, and what this means in real estate marketing. 

Over the last 12 months, drone photography has become a widely used tool for many Harcourts real estate agents. I recall back in 2008, one of our iOS App developers returning from America with this amazing contraption. He told me it was a drone helicopter and he could control it with an iPhone App. The drone had a camera built into it that could shoot photos and video.

We went down to our office car park and took the drone for a spin. Four rotating blades gave the drone its lift and just by touching controls on the iPhone app you had a bird’s eye view of the world and could shoot photos. Zoom controls were also available.

At that moment I realised that the days of hiring helicopters or cherry pickers to capture the overhead aerial shots were over.

Another game changer had arrived and the possibilities were endless. I guess what amazed me about this technology, was just how cheap it was to get started. Buy the drone hardware, download an App from the Apple store and that’s it.

Throughout the Harcourts organisation, which now spans ten countries, all our photography suppliers offer drone aerial options. Many high-end properties, project developments, lifestyle blocks, and rural properties have some wonderful drone videos available.

So what’s next for drone technology?

Amazon have already trialed delivery of packages via drones so we will see this come to pass as soon as the FAA give the all clear. Police and military are using drones for security purposes and monitoring. Domino’s pizza has trialed pizza delivery in the UK which has to be one of the best uses of this technology! Here is a video of their service.


In many countries there is talk of regulation and even users obtaining a drone pilot license.

But for Harcourts International, we love to innovate and we will continue to adopt new technology and share this with our clients and our team members throughout the world.

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