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Landmark Harcourts and Harcourts Partner to Showcase Properties to China

With a notable increase in Australian property enquiry emanating from the Harcourts network in Hong Kong and China; Landmark Harcourts has partnered with Harcourts to showcase Australian properties to China through its Connect with Australia property showcase. Responding to the particular interests of Chinese investors, Landmark Harcourts and Harcourts together will feature large scale agricultural properties targeting dairy, protein and viticulture sectors as well as residential and commercial developments, off the plan homes, new apartment blocks, house and land packages.

July 9.jpgNow in its second year, the showcase introduced 80 Australian properties to investors in China in 2013, with a value of more than $185 million, with sales post the event exceeding $35 million.

The 10-day initiative showcase commencing on the 18th of September features numerous events in Beijing and Shanghai, each designed to promote Australia to the largest market in the world.

The showcase launches with the Beijing International Property and Investment Expo where the Landmark Harcourts and Harcourts teams will have a professional and prominent stand with targeted marketing collateral and a significant range of Australian opportunities for investors to consider. In addition, new technologies such as the QR code video marketing of properties in English and Chinese, will be deployed to reach into the huge Chinese market. This event will be host to 240-280 international exhibitors, with 40-48,000 visitors attending, including 8,000 invitation only, high net worth visitors.

The showcase provides a platform for Landmark Harcourts and Harcourts to build relationships with key people in China, Australia, and other Countries, and to create positive brand publicity across multiple mediums.
Landmark Harcourts General Manager, Craig Yarrow, said previous experience in China has revealed that value-add services are important to investors. “We’ll be offering a full value chain with specialist partners in accounting, law, finance, migration and more. In partnership with Sino-Australia, we’ll be able to provide Chinese investors a streamlined and proven process, responding to their queries and making it much easier for them to make choices and invest,” Mr Yarrow said.

“Our partners, Harcourts, will be alongside us promoting their specialty Australian properties in the residential, development and commercial sectors. Harcourts, with 126 years of experience in the real estate industry, has an extensive network of branches in China and Hong Kong, and we’ll be working together to show Chinese investors the value and opportunities that exist in the broader Australian market,” Mr Yarrow continued.

A presentation by Landmark Harcourts at the Beijing Property and Investment Expo will occur on the 21st and will educate attendees on the prosperous investment opportunities in Australia. The presentation will provide links for Australian producers and Chinese investors in joint venture partnerships or ownership of large scale ongoing operations ripe for farm expansion and development.July 16.jpg

The entire showcase will also feature two exclusive investor evenings hosted by Landmark Harcourts and Harcourts on the 23rd and 27th of September supported by AustCham, the China-Australia Chamber of Commerce, and Oz-Town Shanghai, a new centre committed to growing the Australian export market in China.

The investor evenings are invite-only, with a select number of targeted, high net worth individuals seeking to learn more about Australian agribusiness, development investment and associated joint venture partnership opportunities expected to attend. Five speaking sessions will be held throughout each evening, with each session providing an opportunity to educate the audience on points of interest including; government investment policy, agricultural assets, finance, the future for metropolitan investment and successful joint venture partnerships.

It is expected that extensive media coverage and on-the-ground promotion will attract business representatives, companies, investors, government officials and influencers to the showcase. A number of sponsors including AgScope and The Australian Financial Review have come on board, recognising the positive media exposure and buzz the event will generate, with marketing collateral expected to reach over 1.5million people in China.

China has a long history with Australia, and over time, this has reinforced strong relationships. Nearly a million Chinese and Hong Kong visitors came to Australia in 2013, in addition to 7,000 business innovation and investment visas. With Australia being the number one country of choice for foreign investment, they are certainly an audience worth marketing to.

The “Connect with Australia” initiative provides a unique and innovative marketing opportunity to reach a different audience and maximize sales potential, after all, a potential buyer could come from anywhere in the world.

Who’s your Buddy?

Friday marked Buddy Day, a fun, high profile public participation event, with the serious message…to raise awareness of the issue of child abuse in our community and the role we all have in keeping kids safe.

Groups of ‘Creators’ transformed Buddies which involved children and adult groups turning plain white cardboard cut-outs into little ‘Buddies,’ but with big personalities! They breathed life into the ‘Buddies’ by giving them a name, a face, clothing, a story and a sense of belonging.

On the 26th of October Harcourts Hamilton announced they would gladly accept the invitation to take part in Buddy Day, taking on the role of official ‘Buddy Couriers.’ The team at Monarch Real Estate transported 350 Buddies around the area, delivering Buddies to those who registered to be ‘Buddy Carers’ from Huntly to Tokoroa.

“As a team, we transported the 350 Buddies to carers which is 20 per cent of the reported child abuse cases in this area.  We have already said we will be a part of the campaign next year and we look forward to it going national,” said Brian King, Business Owner of Harcourts Hamilton’s Monarch Real Estate.

Brian King got involved personally by caring for a Buddy which he involved in everything real estate, starting lots of conversations to share the Buddy Day message.

“Monarch was asked to be part of this event and we embraced it with open arms.  Those of the team who cared for a Buddy took them everywhere; I took mine out for a business lunch and to property auctions for six weeks. It definitely got conversations going, which is the whole point.”

“It was actually a great team builder at the office as well. It made us talk about a lot of issues around the cause and generally opened up conversation channels. ”

Buddy Day was held on Friday the 16th of November.

Attached are pictures of Harcourts’ Business Owner of Monarch Realty Brian King with his Buddy at lunch; Brian King with the 350 Buddies to be couriered around the area; One of the team with their Buddy.

Blueprint ends real estate pair’s rebuild plan

Rob McCormack at the Madras Street site now in the City's blueprint frame

After battling a strike, arson, aftershocks and insurance hassles, two property owners have accepted that the central Christchurch blueprint has ended their 18-month fight to rebuild.  Rob McCormack and Peter Greene have spent $1 million trying to replace the Madras St headquarters of McCormack’s real estate business, Harcourts Grenadier.  McCormack said he was “absolutely gutted” to learn their site was in the blueprint’s green frame just as they were finally making progress.

“But I’m philosophical now. I don’t have a choice,” he said.

“We happen to be in the way of the frame. We don’t want to be an obstacle. Some people will have to take some pain, and that’s us.”

When the Grenadier building was wrecked in the February 2011 earthquake, the pair aimed to have its $8.9m, four-storey replacement up within a year.

It would have been the first office building rebuilt in the central city.  They immediately struck setbacks securing insurance and had to design the building for extra strength.  McCormack estimates he was spending 12 hours a week in meetings and negotiations, on top of his normal business.  Then their specially sourced 11-metre piles were blacklisted by Auckland port workers because they had been unloaded by non-union labour during a strike.  After the piles arrived three months late, the specialist piledriver was torched by arsonists and needed parts from Canada.  Then the blueprint came out and their property was within the frame.

“At first I couldn’t absorb it,” McCormack said.

“How much bad luck can anyone have – an earthquake, losing your building, not being able to get our piles, some bugger torching it, and then the Government goes and takes your land?”

Now the pair have a new fight on their hands – compensation.  They have met the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (Cera) to discuss a payout for their property and are optimistic they will get back the $1m spent on demolition, consents, piling, engineers, architects and project management, plus the $1.8m they estimate their land is worth. McCormack is unhappy they will not be offered back their land later.

“They (Cera) gave us a very, very good hearing. We’re not trying to make money; we only want what is fair.”

He will be “extremely disappointed” if the negotiations do not result in an acceptable price.

The Press, Christchurch 28/8/12 5.00am, Reporter: Liz McDonald