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Harcourts Foundation hits 4 million

Harcourts Foundation breaks the $4 million mark

The Harcourts Foundation continues to be a powerful influence for good, recently breaking the significant milestone of $4 million in raised funds since its launch in 2008.

On many occasions, whenever an auction hammer falls, a home buyer signs a contract, or an employee sacrifices to give, somewhere in the Harcourts organisation, another few dollars are raised. Bit-by-bit, millions have been raised and many lives continue to be positively affected.

Since the first donation eight years ago, over 700 grants have been made worldwide.

Managing Director of Harcourts, Mike Green, said that as a real estate group with a 127-year history, Harcourts is an established and recognised name within many communities across 10 nations. He said that the Foundation continues to be a key to Harcourts’ future.

“The Foundation is one of the key ways we express our values and connect with our communities, and it really is at the heart of our core values,” said Mike.

“A common thread in every city and town where we have Harcourts offices – whether in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa or the USA – is that there are people and organisations with legitimate needs.

“We are grateful that we can contribute to our communities, and meet some of those needs, and give real, tangible, expression to our values.

“I get to hear many stories of how our grants make a difference. It’s inspiring when you learn of children being given opportunities otherwise unavailable, the underprivileged receiving a hand-up, or volunteer organisations buying new, vital equipment.”

Within the four countries in which the Harcourts Foundation operates, over 50% of the offices make a donation with each property sold, and Harcourts employees everywhere are rising to the challenge of raising more funds for their local communities through innovative and creative ways.

With the Foundation’s Board of Directors, coordinators, Accountants and Regional Ambassadors all donating their time and expertise, 100% of all funds raised continue to go directly to the charities where they are needed most.

Two of the major recipients of Harcourt Foundation grants are White Ribbon Australia and beyondblue.

The Foundation has granted nearly $187,000 to White Ribbon Australia. Most of the funds have been raised through the “Walk a Mile in their Shoes” fund-raiser, held across Australia.

Libby Davies, CEO of White Ribbon Australia, paid tribute to the Foundation’s fundraising enthusiasm.

“The ongoing support from Harcourts Foundation has helped to raise vital funds for White Ribbon’s Breaking the Silence Schools Program.

“This White Ribbon initiative educates young children about respectful relationships. By engaging with children at an early age we can create a positive change and combat the prevalence of violence against women”. Libby Davies CEO White Ribbon says.

“We are delighted by support from the Harcourts Foundation and hope together we can continue to raise awareness and create social change” said Davies.

CEO of beyondblue, Georgie Harman, said she is very grateful for the Harcourts Foundation donations, between 2012 and 2016, of just over $165,000 which is being used to support people with depression, anxiety and their families.

“We really appreciate the efforts made by individuals, and corporate and community groups to donate much-needed funds to help us provide services, information and support for people in need.

“Our Support Service, staffed by trained mental health professionals is available 24/7 to provide short-term, solutions-focused counselling for people in need by phoning 1300 22 4636 or online chat atwww.beyondblue.org.au/get-support.”

While large, national organisations such as White Ribbon Australia and beyondblue have received significant donations from the Foundation, most of the grants continue to be directed toward a wide range of local, community organisations that are quietly going about, doing their work.

You can read about these gratefully received donations on the Foundation website at:www.harcourtsfoundation.org.

As you read this article, Harcourts people and offices somewhere are raising more money or planning fundraising events, with $5 million firmly in their sites. Stay tuned for more good news from Harcourts Foundation.