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The Canadian Team

Harcourts Canada

Harcourts Canada is underway with the first office opening in North Vancouver on Vancouver’s famous North Shore. Hayden Duncan the Managing Director and CEO of Harcourts Canada give us a little insight into their journey so far.

Surrounded by stunning mountains and world-class mountain biking, and yet only a 10-minute ferry ride from Vancouver city’s CBD, it really is a great place to live!

Moving fast and recruiting faster

In reflection when looking back, we were optimistic in our original timing and budgets to set up both the franchise systems and a functioning real estate office in a new country, however the response from realtors and consumers here has been really encouraging, and it’s all coming together quickly now.

For example, the first careers and information evening attracted over 20 people, a mixture of current realtors as well as those looking to enter the real estate industry.  Two of the twenty have since joined the team and we have a second evening planned for the July 5th.

The thing you come to appreciate is what an enormous amount of resource there is in Harcourts when you have to adapt it all.  It is truly mind-blowing and something many of us take for granted, as it’s there and it works!

We are excited to have brought together a fantastic team with us, and already we are offering sales and property management services from day one.  With a team totalling nine and more due to make a move to us in the coming months, the future is looking great.

The local market – receptive of our technology and culture

The market is strong in the local area with the average home experienced over 30% capital gain in the last 12 months alone.  The days on market, on average, can be counted on one hand.

Many realtors currently working in the industry have not moved with or adopted new technology, so the technology platform of HarcourtsOne and our mobile applications set us apart here.

Our values, and our demonstration of those values, is the other major factor that has attracted people to Harcourts in Canada to date.

In the setting up of the brand in a new market, there are many decisions to make in relation to how we are going to do things, and the values have been without a doubt the compass by which we travel.

Auctions on the way

Auctions seem logical when you consider the heated market, and when looked at with a Harcourts set of eyes.

However, auctions are not a recognised process in Canada, so it is something that we are looking to introduce in the next three months with the assistance of Ben Brady and the Harcourts Auctions team. They have some great systems to streamline the auction process and to help introduce and educate sellers.

When Kyly and I decided to set up Harcourts in Canada we were looking for a challenge, I am delighted to report that we have got what we were hoping for!