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Find good tenants - Attracting and keeping good tenants

Find Good Tenants – Attract And Keep Them

There have been long queues of students lining up for rental property over the last few months.  Landlords could be forgiven for wondering why amid housing shortages their property is sitting vacant. In today’s market, good tenants have increasing expectations of rental properties. Here are a few tips on how you can attract and keep good tenants.

Find Good locations, find good tenants

Location, location, location. You’ve heard it before but for rental properties it’s never been truer. Today’s renters want to live close to where they work, study and send their children to school. They want to avoid traffic woes, have easy access to shops, entertainment and activities, be close to transport links and live in a safe area.

Proximity to the places where we spend our time is the most important factor in choosing a rental property.

Features and Maintenance

Tenants, particularly good ones, are now asking property managers more questions about a property’s features. Are the windows double glazed? Is there underfloor heating? Is there off street parking? What about storage space? Is it insulated? Is there an alarm system?

Maintenance is also critical. Keep on top of repairs and when your property is between tenants. Take the opportunity to give it a spruce up with a coat of neutral coloured paint, a thorough professional clean and make sure the garden is well-tended.

Not only will this help to attract new tenants but your tenants will also take better care of your property if it is well cared for.

Harcourts Remuera Property Manager, Michelle Bellette, says that renters desire to have a well-maintained property is one of the reasons more tenants are seeking properties that are professionally managed.

People like to come home to a nice environment after a day at work. Renters know that properties under professional management will be well maintained and that repairs will be taken care of quickly.

“A good property manager will take note of the state of the property during inspections so that repairs can be proactively managed. In most cases, maintenance is more cost-effective than repair.” says Bellette.

“Tenants also feel more comfortable sharing their personal information with property managers as they know it will be securely managed.” adds Bellette.

Along with making your property more attractive to tenants, property managers remove much of the risk associated with your investment property. They do this by ensuring that your legal obligations are met, that tenants are appropriately screened and rent collection is effectively managed.

Appliances matter to good tenants

In today’s market, tenants’ expectations for provision of appliances are growing. Heat pumps are a priority. Dishwashers appeal. In apartments fridges, freezers and washing machines are expected. In major centres where there are high student numbers, high immigration or a transitory population, inclusion of appliances will help to secure tenants and raise rental return.

For landlords with multiple properties, to maximise returns, keep an eye out for retail sales, purchase appliances on special and simply store until they’re needed.

In summary, in today’s market:

  • buy in the right location
  • provide good appliances
  • have high-quality features
  • and keeping your property well-kept

This combination will improve occupancy rates and attract a rental premium, delivering higher yields for your investment.

It might cost a bit more in the short-term but doing these things will pay dividends in the long run.


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