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Apple Store Group using Harcourts Fitness App

Apple and Harcourts combine for innovative fitness trial

Thanks to a special collaboration between Apple and Harcourts, Australia could be on the road to a healthier, fitter real estate industry.

The new fitness project, launched at the recent Harcourts South Australian annual awards, is focused on Harcourts staff using the new Apple Watch and an app called Harcourts Wellness.

The project represents a continuation of a strengthening relationship between Harcourts and Apple, which started last year when Apple featured a case study on their website, recognising Harcourts’ cutting-edge mobile technology using the iPhone and iPad.

Harcourts Wellness uses the pre-installed Activity app on the Apple Watch, allowing wearers to measure burnt calories through movement, exercise and standing.

Harcourts’ Head of eBusiness, Gregg Toyama, said the new project will give the 200 participating Harcourts Sales Consultants and staff the ability to track their activity day-to-day and provide them a bird’s-eye view of their lifestyle.

It’s a timely project, with a recent Australian Bureau of Statistics report showing that rental, hiring and real estate industry was the nation’s 10th fattest employment sector, with 63.7 per cent of workers in this field either overweight or obese.

“Like so many people in the real estate industry, Harcourts staff are very busy – whether it be attending meetings, doing a listing presentation or signing contract – and allocating time in a busy schedule for exercise is a challenge,” Mr Toyama said.

“By using the Harcourts Wellness app on the Apple Watch, our people will be continually updated with their activity rate, and whether they are achieving their predetermined goals. It’s like wearing a little coach on your wrist.

“We believe that this technology presents us with an opportunity to not only improvement health and well-being of our staff, but also bring a positive energy to our culture.

“Already in South Australia we will be running friendly competitions within and across offices, with leader boards, where each staff can see where they rank.

“Some offices have changed their meetings to include a time of standing and movement – all small changes, but over the course of a year, it can make a big difference to individuals’ fitness.”