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Social Media For Real Estate Agents: 6 “Daily Dos”

Welcome to edition #1 of our Digital Marketing Course.

In this series we’ll share with you our tips and tricks to easily manage your online presence.  We’ll cover:


Many of you may well have a personal Facebook page that you use to interact with friends and family. In Fact 70% of the Australian and New Zealand population have a Facebook profile.Facebook also has business pages. These allow brands, organisations, real estate offices and individuals to create social media pages for business. These profiles have extra features that let you schedule your post and have more control over what updates people see. This means your messages won’t flood your followers with a mass of updates.

It’s important to maintain a good relationship with your audience. Just dedicating five to ten minutes a day to your social media pages will make a huge difference. Like your sales calls, it will become second nature. You’ll build strong relationships with your contacts that you can extend further when you meet again.



Log in daily to your Harcourts office or Sales Consultant Facebook page and engage with your followers. Scroll through your newsfeed, wishing happy birthdays, congratulating events, or “liking” photos and important statuses. Look for opportunities where you can add value to a conversation.



Keep an eye out for key changes in your follower’s lifestyles. For example, if Bob has announced he has a new job in a new town, this could mean Bob will also be looking to relocate in the near future. Don’t be afraid to send Bob a direct message, or even post a card congratulating him on his new appointment. Offer to take him out for a coffee to catch up and to see if there’s any way you can be of help.

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Images are key on social media. Try posting photos of what you’re up to for the day. Photos of you running a charity auction, helping a seller mow their lawn, or mentioning a great local service they should try!

Remember it’s about putting People First! How will your post make your followers feel? Is it valuable or useful information for them?



If you’re stuck for Facebook posts, the Harcourts Blog can provide you with regular articles aimed at buyers and sellers. Our posts aim to help our customers navigate their real estate transactions and make the most out of their property. Follow us on Facebook so you can share them as they come available, or check out the blog site here.



Instagram is a great place to meet people in a more informal setting. Here you can really be yourself. Don’t be afraid to go crazy with hashtags and emoticons, but keep them on topic with your posts! Instagram makes it easy to follow people who have similar interests, which can be a great way for you to find your niche market. Follow us on Instagram to see what we’re up to at Harcourts HQ.



LinkedIn is a great way to keep in touch with our extensive real estate network.

Use it to find out about real estate industry news, track new appointments. Post updates and share links that show your expert knowledge of our industry. Join our Harcourts Real Estate LinkedIn page and make sure it is as your current employer in you profile. This will connect your with thousands of other Harcourts employees (think referrals).

In today’s digital era you can’t exclude social media from your agent or office marketing. It’s a missed opportunity to develop stronger relationships with your clients and community.

However, it’s important to do it right and add value to your audience! Have a crack at these six simple daily tasks, you will be well underway to a buzzing social media presence!


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