Keep your property safe from burglars

Pre-Holiday Checklist For Landlords

Before you go on holiday, it’s a good idea to take some time to protect one of your most valuable assets, your investment property. Make sure you’ve checked off the following points, so everything runs smoothly while you’re enjoying your break. Remember, these points apply at any time of the year if you plan on going away, not just at Christmas.

Contact your property manager

Let your property manager know you are going away and for how long. In New Zealand, if you are going to be out of the country  for more than 21 consecutive days, you must have an appointed property manager by law.

If you don’t reside in New Zealand and currently don’t have a property manager, it might be a good idea to look into having one before going on an extended holiday. This way, your tenants will have a point of contact if they have any concerns or issues, you’ll have a dedicated person to watch over your property whilst your away, and you’ll have peace of mind as you take a break from the management of your investment.

Update your contact details

Ensure your property manager has a way to contact you during the holiday break. This is a good time to make sure that all your contact details, including mobile phone number and email, are up to date.

If you’re overseas and not contactable on your regular number, make sure your property manager knows your alternative contact details for the duration of your trip.

Work with your property manager to answer any urgent queries

Make sure there are no outstanding issues or requests sitting with you before you go. Your tenant may have reported a repair that’s needed or made a request that’s still pending.

Make sure you give your property manager an update or answer to any queries that are still outstanding before you leave. Even if it’s just to advise that you will be able to make a decision when you return. This just gives your property manager the ability to keep your tenant in the loop whilst you enjoy your break.

Appoint an emergency contact

If you do not wish to be contacted during your holiday, appoint an emergency contact who can make any essential decisions in your absence.

Make sure your insurance is up to date

Now is a good time to ensure the insurance you have for your investment property is up to date. This could include landlord’s insurance, public liability insurance and house insurance. This is particularly important during the holiday season when your tenants may have guests staying or if your tenants themselves are planning to be away and your house is left empty.

Unfortunately, holiday periods tend to be a time when the most burglaries occur, so you want to be sure that any damage your property may sustain as a result is covered by insurance.

By keeping your property manager up to date and checking on a few essentials before you leave, you can ensure you have a relaxing break with no hassles relating to your investment property whilst your away.