Stain your deck

9 Inexpensive Ideas to Boost Your Property’s Appeal

With the property market expected to pick up in spring, now is the ideal time to get your property sparkling for your future open home!

1. Steam clean

If you’re contemplating re-carpeting your home, consider giving it a serious steam clean to freshen up the colour first. If you’re time poor, you can hire a professional to do this for you. However if you’re trying to save money, you can easily hire a steam cleaner and do the work yourself.

2. Tidy up

No one likes to see a messy or over grown garden, it’s simply not appealing. Take some time to trim branches, rake leaves and plant some beautiful spring flowers.

3. Fresh coat

If you haven’t repainted your walls in a while, the warm spring time weather is great for getting painting projects completed. You may want to consider repainting any brightly coloured feature walls in a neutral colour to make the room appear larger.

4. First impressions

If your front door is looking a bit drab, give it a new coat of paint too!
It’s the first thing people will see when they enter your property, so make sure it looks polished.

5. Minor makeover

A complete kitchen makeover will definitely add to the value of your property, although it will lower your bank balance temporarily! Make some minor improvements such as changing all of the handles on drawers and cupboards to something more modern and clean looking.

6. Pressure clean

Concrete on driveways or foot paths around the home can look really tired and dirty after a few years. Make it look brand new by using a pressure cleaner to wash away years of built up dirt.

7. Clean windows

Wash down your windows with soapy water to get rid of built up dust and cobwebs. It will allow more natural light in as well as giving off the appearance of a well maintained home.

8. Upgrade lights

If you haven’t replaced your lighting fixtures in the last decade; it might be time to replace them with something new. Head to your local lighting store and purchase some lighting fixtures that are more modern and elegant to boost the appeal of your home.

9. Re-finish

Re-finishing your outdoor deck every few years will help minimise annoying cracks and splinters, as well as keeping it looking good.
While you are sanding, stripping back, and re-staining the deck, consider re-staining your stairs and some of your wooden furniture too. You could choose a completely different furniture stain colour for a new and updated look!