maximise the roi of your investment property

8 Ways A Property Manager Can Help To Maximise ROI On Your Investment Property

Getting the most out of your investment property is our priority. Here are 8 ways that property managers can help ensure you get maximum return on investment.

8-ways a property manager can help with your rental property

  1. Property managers are equipped to conduct thorough research of the property market to work out the best rental price for your property.
  2. Property managers have access to a large network of prospective renters and are able to find a tenant who is willing to pay the maximum rent for your property.
  3. Property managers have access to sophisticated marketing tools and strategies, properly promoting the benefits of your home to find the highest number of potential tenants.
  4. With their network and marketing advantages, property managers can minimise vacancies. Ensuring your property is never without a tenant for long.
  5. Property managers can save you money on repairs and maintenance. With a network of preferred tradespeople who are able to offer the most competitive rates that are not always available to the general public.
  6. A property manager can help with tax depreciation. Most property managers have contacts who are able to perform tax depreciation reports on your property – helping you to claim the maximum back at tax time.
  7. Property managers who have access to mortgage professionals can put you in contact with a broker who understands which loans and options would specifically suit property investment.
  8. Some property managers can help you secure the best deal on insurance with contacts who are able to offer you a more competitive premium.