New Home Owners Day

5 Ways to Celebrate New Home Owners Day!

Today is New Home Owners Day! A day which is all about forgetting the stresses that can sometimes come with buying and moving into a new home – now it’s time to enjoy your new place!

This weekend why not have a look at these fun ways to celebrate and embrace your new home?

Pique your Pinterest

Why not use an inspiration board app like Pinterest to start collecting any ideas you have for your new home? You can start putting together:

  • Paint colour ideas and samples
  • DIY renovation ideas
  • Room designs and layouts
  • Furniture inspiration

The great thing about putting your boards together is rather than describing your dream plans, you can share them with friends and family to help them visualise exactly how your home will come together.

Get gardening

Have a garden or room for small planter pots? Why not start planting? Making a start on your garden can be done at any time of the year as lots of plants, fruits and veggies are seasonal. So whether it’s spring or autumn for you today, there is guaranteed to be something that’s ready for planting now!

Gardens are also simple and inexpensive ways to instantly add kerb appeal to your home, and they’re functional! Why not start a veggie patch, or even a herb window box?

Spruce up your space

No budget leftover after the move for all new furniture? No worries! A lot of colour, warmth and interest can be added to rooms with cheaper and changeable items like:

  • Cushions
  • Throws
  • Rugs
  • Lamps or even just new lampshades
  • Candles and holders
  • Flowers
  • Wall hangings

In fact, these pieces alone can completely transform a space! And better still, they’re not fixtures, so you can change them with the seasons, or when the mood strikes you!

Roll up your sleeves

Looking for some more ambitious projects? A lot can be done to a space without the need for a full-scale demolition job. Why not make smaller, high-impact changes, such as:

  • Changing out old or tired light fittings. There are a lots of lights and shades on the market that can add maximum impact to a space, at a reasonable price which are very quick to install.
  • Do away with worn or faded curtains and blinds and replace them with something a little more durable and modern.
  • Re-paint walls using subtle shades. Have an out-dated feature wall or a bold wall colour that’s eye-catching for all of the wrong reasons? The best rule of thumb, especially when it comes time to resell is to pick subtle, warm shades, which are light enough to easily paint over if your ever change your mind.

Sit back and relax!

You’ve just bought a new home! No doubt a lot of time and work went into just getting yourself settled in the new place, so before rushing out to get the paint tins, why not take the time to reflect on how far you’ve already come. Pick your favourite corner of the house, sit back and relax. You’ve earned it!