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Harcourts Inspirational Women


Harcourts Inspirational Women

We are powerful beyond measure – Harcourts Inspirational Women

I have always admired the many talented men courageous enough to step to the podium at our events but during my 26 years with Harcourts I could not help but notice how few women volunteer to do the same. I have two theories on this; 1. They are too darn busy and 2. They don’t believe they have anything of value to say. In 2013 a young woman decided not to give up on her dream to have a career in real estate because of something I said that inspired her to keep going in her struggle to succeed as well as raise a young child.

I realised that ordinary hard working women like me could make a difference for the women of Harcourts.

In May 2016 we launched Harcourts Inspirational women

Harcourts Inspirational Women aims to build a powerful network of ordinary hard working women who have been brave enough to step to the podium to help the many women working in our industry. We may not be professional speakers but we have important stories to share of how we faced the challenges others now face. We may not be famous but we are extraordinary in our accomplishments and the life lessons we have learned.  Inspirational Women is also a mentoring program with an online register you can visit to connect with any of our members. We provide practical advice and valuable support that help other women to succeed, to keep trying, to take more opportunities, to be proud of themselves.

Compelling Reasons

  • To encourage and help the many women in Harcourts to step to the podium and share their stories, their lessons learned building a real estate career whilst juggling the demands of family and personal expectations.
  • To help our women be courageous and understand their value to the many women in our organisation looking for role models, mentors and advice.
  • To provide a sense of belonging and sisterhood within Harcourts that will act as a magnet for other inspirational women to belong to.

Harcourts Inspirational Women Speakers

  • Every speaker will be profiled in the Harcourts Inspirational Women’s register online with their photo, contact details and a brief outline of the key messages from their presentation.
  • Harcourts women who are looking for a mentor can then visit: / Speakers / Harcourts Inspirational Women to view our register of Harcourts Inspirational Women.
  • Every year one speaker will be chosen from the register to speak at the annual Harcourts Inspirational Women’s event held at our National Conferences. To be chosen from so many is a significant honour.
  • Simply contact your local Harcourts Inspirational Ambassador to discuss speaking at one of our events.


I am grateful to the wonderful ambassadors who drive this in their regions. We shall continue to inspire other women to know that they are powerful beyond measure.

Irene Green