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Videography– the marketing strategy of today


If you don’t incorporate videography into your business you will be left behind. Right now there is someone in your market differentiating themselves through quality video but soon it will be the expected norm.

Video shared on YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn and by email is the marketing strategy of today.

However that is not to say that everyone is doing it well. There is still the opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Three common mistakes to avoid

  1. A common mistake agents are still making is creating virtual tours, either using 3D cameras or video that shows every part of the home.
  2. The purpose of your marketing video is to connect emotionally with the buyers. There’s no need to show every minute detail of a home or even every room. Instead feature brief glimpses of beautiful living spaces, quality features and tasteful decor, like a beautiful stone wall in the courtyard or sun filtering through plants or stained glass. Entice the viewer to want to see more.
  3.  The second mistake agents make is to write a script for the video voiceover and then read it. Reading full copy can sound rehearsed and unnatural. Learn the script, then speak naturally using only bullet points and watch the language you use. Avoid terms such as ‘area’, instead saying ‘neighbourhood’ or ‘community’. Also stand up when you record as it helps to create energy in your voice
  4. Intersperse your voice over with music in the background as this softens the audio, and creates a feeling, rather than using voice alone. Search for background melodies that match the character of the property. For example classical music for a classic style home, jazz or blues for an inner city apartment.

The third mistake agents make is to create long video clips. Viewer click-through drops dramatically after two minutes. Heed this reality and keep your videos short – ideally two minutes or three maximum.

Take video marketing to the next level

Create video that tells a story. Include the community, schools, restaurants, and parks. Why the sellers are moving and what they loved about the property and neighbourhood.

Prepare the home before entering the market and employ a home stager prior to shooting the video. Move bins and cars. Try filming in the day, night and twilight. Find the creative footprint for your marketing. Don’t be afraid to use something of the sellers that tells their story and use this theme throughout the campaign.

Ask your seller to post the video on their Facebook page. Get the neighbours’ email addresses and have the sellers email them the video– you will be surprised how many more listings you will pick up.

If you have your own home stager and videographer you can keep the prices down. Approach a local wedding photographer or hire a recently graduated videographer to get started. Employ them to create your property videos and team promotions, but also have them video local charities and events, new businesses and restaurants openings and all current happenings so you have a stock of clips to feed to your website.

The use of video to market property and your community is quickly becoming an expected part of our service. The use of video to promote you, your team and your services humanises you and helps build relationships. So let’s commit to quality videography.